Exploring the path to wholeness, one book at a time

Welcome to the Mill Valley Book Club, a free, online community for people seeking a deeper sense of well-being and contentment. Think of this as your virtual home in which to explore with others – through books and conversation – the places in our lives where we encounter challenges, as well as meaning and joy. At MVBC, we believe that life is sweetest when we walk our path to wholeness, sharing and learning from our experiences – together.

Here’s How It Works

The Mill Valley Book Club features a monthly book selection about some aspect of the path to wholeness, which refers to the constant seeking of a consistent state of well-being. Over time, I’ve learned that this really means finding inner peace, an elusive and surprisingly difficult thing to do; for only when I feel peaceful in my heart and soul, can I deeply experience the richness and joy that life has to offer.  That’s when I feel the love around me most activated, and that’s when gratitude springs into my spirit!

For more information, please click About. I’ll blog once a month about my reflections on the current featured book, and I invite you to comment on the blog and on one another’s comments.  Sign up in the box to the right to receive monthly email notifications of new blog posts!

Who Am I?

I’m Angie, a stay-at-home mother and aspiring author in my mid-forties.  I live in Mill Valley, CA with my wonderful husband, awesome two boys, and two big, adorable dogs.  I’ve noticed something important about myself and the other 40-something women around me:  we are searching now for a different sense of meaning and purpose in our lives than when we were younger.  As I sort out my truth as to what we are all doing here on this planet, I hope you’ll join me on the search for your own truth and walk the path to wholeness by my side!

The Honeymoon Effect #1: Creating the Life You Dream of

Hello Mill Valley Book Club! So glad you’re here! Welcome to the month of October and to a new book selection: Dr. Bruce Lipton’s The Honeymoon Effect. I always like to start each month with an explanation of the significance…

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Women Food and God #4: The Choice Is Yours

Hello Mill Valley Book Club! Thank you for joining me for this last look at Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God. I hope it’s opened your mind to new possibilities in the area of food (and other addictions), far beyond…

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Women Food and God #3: The Unbroken Place Within Us

Hello Mill Valley Book Club! I’m so glad you’re here! This week we’re diving deeper into Geneen Roth’s Women Food and God! We left off last week with healing steps one and two: noticing the desire to bolt, and not…

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Women Food and God #2: Facing the Scary Place

Hello Mill Valley Book Club! Welcome to Geneen Roth’s luminous book Women Food and God.  You’re gonna love it!  The fact that you’re here means you’re at least curious about this topic. Maybe it’s your own personal struggle, or maybe…

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Women Food and God #1: My Journey with Food

Here at Mill Valley Book Club, our mission is to explore the path to wholeness – one book at a time. With Mind Over Medicine, Dr. Lissa Rankin gave us an up-to-the-minute view of health, and we learned that the…

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