Why the Name Mill Valley Book Club?

As you’ll see towards the end of my Author Bio page, I am currently working on writing several books. One project is a series of fiction novels called The Mill Valley Book Club, which portrays the lives of two best friends, Stella and Lara. Each book in the series will also tell the story of some of the other members of the fictional Mill Valley Book Club, a group of women living in Marin County, California in present day. As I was writing the first book of the series, Fog, I was struck with the inspiration to create a real Mill Valley Book Club – an online community of women who could talk about their “big picture” concerns and support each other as they navigated the challenges of their lives.

Many women I know either currently belong to a book club or have in the past. Although I’ve enjoyed my book club experiences, I’ve always found it difficult to find the time to attend book club meetings. And yet, the nurturing support that comes from being a part of a loving group of women can provide so much care and feeding in our lives.

The tenderness with which my characters Stella and Lara interact in Fog, and the conversations shared by the fictional Mill Valley Book Club made me realize that this is what the women I know really need in their lives. It’s a support system that really can make a difference to women as they are struggling. I thought to myself, “why not create a place online where this can happen in reality, instead of just in fiction?”