Rules of the Club

Thank you so much for joining this online community! So that each member of our group feels the comfort and safety needed to participate with honesty and vulnerability, please observe the following guidelines.

Kindness please!

The Mill Valley Book Club is a gentle, compassionate home for women – some may be very injured from the circumstances of their lives. Therefore, when you post a comment or respond to someone else’s, please review your words before posting. Think of your audience and be sure that you are offering love, fellowship and understanding. Our goal is to generate a thoughtful, meaningful conversation that moves women forward on their own path to wholeness.

Judgment and criticism not welcome here!

Disagreement is allowed (and encouraged for a full conversation), but please register your counter opinions sensitively, with words such as “While I understand your perspective, here’s another way to look at it…”

Open-hearted conversations!

Vulnerability is not easy, but it’s totally necessary if we’re going to find the heart of meaning in our lives. I promise that whatever you’re struggling with is the very same problem that many others have faced in the past, and many more will face in the future. Let’s expose it and talk about it – together!

Men welcome too!

MVBC is designed with women in mind, mostly because of the somewhat blank stare I’ve gotten from my husband when I try to talk to him about these topics.  However, I believe the issues discussed here affect men too, and I happily welcome the male perspective to this community!