Books in the Works


Fog: Book One of the Mill Valley Book Club Series

My first novel portrays the characters of Stella and Lara, two mothers and best friends living in Marin County in present day. Stella, a stay-at-home mom married to a wealthy hedge fund manager, lives a life of material abundance but faces troubles in her marriage and conflict with her husband about what’s best for the children. Lara, a working mom in a happy marriage, struggles to heal from the wounds of her childhood and find inner peace and happiness. Fog celebrates female friendship and explores the challenges that today’s mothers face to raise their children and thrive as individuals, separate and apart from the many other roles that they play.

Cloudbreak: Book Two of the Mill Valley Book Club Series

My second novel continues to tell the stories of Stella and Lara as well as to develop several of the characters introduced in Fog through the Mill Valley Book Club. Cloudbreak also offers a young adult storyline, through the character of Stella’s daughter, Alexa. Cloudbreak explores themes of happiness and well-being, and what it really takes to find these states of mind.

Over There: Book Three of the Mill Valley Book Club Series

Over There introduces a new character, Anna, who dies at the beginning of the book. This novel provides a fictional account of what happens to us after we die, shedding light on the ultimate meaning and purpose of our lives. Look for a fun twist at the end!



Manifesto to Wholeness

When I transitioned from a successful career into the life of a stay-at-home mother, I thought that I would find the life I always hoped to have. To my surprise, I found some unexpected challenges, including the experience of losing my sense of self-worth and the frightening mire of depression. How could I reconcile this with the deep love that I felt for my partner and children? Admitting that I needed something more than to be a partner and a mother was the first step.

This memoir chronicles my experience of losing myself and finding myself again, offering hope, insight, and a path to wholeness to other women who feel lost or empty inside.

On the Eve of Parenthood

When I was pregnant with my first child, I found myself looking for a manual. Couldn’t someone tell me how to be a good parent? I started with What to Expect When You’re Expecting, a good initiation. Then I browsed the Parenting section at my local bookstore and became completely overwhelmed. I wasn’t even sure then what questions I should be asking!

Not too much later, I figured out that I’d have to find my own way. It took me years to develop the confidence to follow my own inner compass, so if you already do that, you’re way ahead.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I’ve learned some pretty important lessons along the way! The biggest one of all is the importance of healing from the wounds of your own past and setting forth on the path to wholeness. Parenting is the biggest challenge I’ve found in life, and I do it so much better when I, myself, am feeling peaceful, content, abundant and whole.

On the Eve of Parenthood explores the path to personal well-being and why it’s so critical to follow it for the sake of yourself, your partner and your children.